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Our content will be directed by the neurodiverse community where we solve their unique and individual situations and concerns.
We want to take an overwhelming spectrum of disorders and problems and turn it into a Spectrum of Solutions and Pathways forward.


George Bailey - Sensory Friendly Bed for Kids

Sleep. Often taken for granted until it's not available.
Then it becomes the most important thing in the world.
Now there are zPods


EMOTIPLAY is a program that teaches autistic and neurodiverse children and individuals challenged by understanding emotions how to See, Hear, Understand, Value, and Appreciate happiness in a clearer, more concise way.

Growth & Education

Patty Miller

Understanding Humans - What is the Core Value Index?

Patty Miller, President and Sr. HR Consultant at MillerNet HR Solutions
Patty helps people understand themselves so that they can understand their natural conflict strategies and through awareness know the best time to take a stand or stand down.


Mandy Doman

Mandy Doman is the Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Brain Technologies and is a leading expert in music listening therapy with over twenty years of experience.

Passionate about helping children and adults live their best lives, Mandy focuses on finding brain-based solutions to support their therapeutic or educational interventions and overall health and wellness.

Alex Landa

Co-Founder & CEO of Akiva Metaverse

The Akiva Metaverse has programs designed for younger kids and older kids and is constantly creating new modules to allow the user to progress at their own pace, In their own time.

Bill Macdonald

Co-Founder of Akiva Metaverse, Chairman of the Canucks Autism Network

As parents to autistic children, Bill and Alex understood the need to create a better learning system that doesn't rely on the one hour a therapist randomly picks to visit the child regardless of their ability to learn at that particular moment.

Other Experts

Michael Tanzer

Linguist, Author, Social Media Host and Ambassador for Autism Canada

Michael is using his platform to make sure people on the spectrum feel valued and are perfect just the way they are. He's a brilliant young man.

Sky Canyon

Musician, Artist, Writer, Filmmaker

In fact, while he is donating some of the proceeds from his newest album to the Autism Today Foundation, it is his invaluable time and wisdom as one of our advisors that we appreciate the most. A wealth of knowledge and business acumen with a ready smile, we are truly lucky to have him.

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