Michael Tanzer - Linguist, Author, Social Media Host and Ambassador for Autism Canada

A fireball of energy, Michael Tanzer is an adult with Autism and a huge entrepreneurial spirit. Fluent in both English and Japanese, he has written several articles for Autism Matters, authored his own book, MICHAELISM: My POV on Life with Autism, hosts his own YouTube Channel, blogs, and podcasts... and if that's not enough, is also an Ambassador for Autism Canada.

"Many people with autism have a voice, but are not always heard" - Michael Tanzer

He has an opinion on everything and loves to share it and has a very deep understanding that his views on autism are his own and that each person with autism may have an entirely different view and experience than he does. Michael is using his platform to make sure people on the spectrum feel valued and are perfect just the way they are. He's a brilliant young man and if you think you can keep up, check out his stuff!

And you can follow Michael here:

YouTube Channel (The Real Michael Tanzer):

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Michael's book MICHAELISM: My POV on Life with Autism is available here:

Tanzer Presents: Podcast:

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