Alex Landa - Akiva Meteverse

We know first-hand how the power of love for one's child can make a parent do amazing things. Alex Landa is a great example of that. He refused to settle for what doctors and specialists told him to accept and changed the world... or rather, created a world... to help his autistic son and others like him become the greatest version of themselves.

At the forefront of technology, using Virtual Reality within the Oculus Quest 2 platform, Alex was able to create an engaging and immersive method of teaching people touched by autism in the highly visual way of learning they tend to excel at. Wisely choosing a platform that allows users to control the software without the use of controllers, the Akiva Metaverse, named after Alex's autistic son, is open to people with a wide variety of behaviours and capabilities. And coupled with the companion app, parents, therapists and aides can assist the users progression while watching them in real-time.

The Akiva Metaverse has programs designed for younger kids and older kids and is constantly creating new modules to allow the user to progress at their own pace, In their own time. Check out the I Am Akiva Trailer here or better yet, take advantage of the Limited Time 50% discount offered exclusively through Autism Today.

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