Patty Miller

Patty Miller - Understanding Humans

Patty Miller, President and Sr. HR Consultant at MillerNet HR Solutions

Patty Miller is a very gifted and experienced leadership and life coach, Patty has been helping people better themselves with the human assessment tool, the Core Values Index, for over 7 years. With over 17 years of Human Resources experience, Patty helps people understand themselves so that they can understand their natural conflict strategies and through awareness know the best time to take a stand or stand down.

In Patty's Understanding Humans Series, we take her skills to a new level. While understanding yourself and your natural tendencies can be used to help you find the best sustainable career, we have found that it can also be used to understand other people and what their natural tendencies are.

This can help autism families in many ways. The most obvious is a logical and structured way to help people that have trouble understanding social cues to recognize the natural tendencies of others so that they can better understand the reactions of others. In episode one, Patty explains where many people on the spectrum fit within the Core Values Index and how they can improve themselves to better understand the world and help the world better understand them.

But, to take understanding humans even further, we have found that many families and support structures around autistic individuals exist in a natural form of conflict. While all stemming from a place of love and concern, different types of people deal with situations in many different ways. This can lead to arguments and stress between parents and siblings because of a disagreement in the best way to handle stressful situations. In episode two, Patty shows us that if we can learn to recognize the innate natures of others, we can understand the natural ways they are likely to deal with conflicts. With that awareness, there is a greater understanding, greater patience and fewer arguments.

Take a look at how Patty uses the Core Values Index and how it might help you and the ones you love have a better understanding of each other. And if you want to talk to Patty directly to help understand others or to help you directly with your career, visit MillerNet HR Solutions at

And stay tuned as Patty continues her series to show how Understanding Humans doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. Keep up the great work, Patty

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