Mandy Doman

Mandy Doman - Advanced Brain Technologies

Mandy Doman is the Chief Operating Officer at Advanced Brain Technologies and is a leading expert in music listening therapy with over twenty years of experience. Passionate about helping children and adults live their best lives, Mandy focuses on finding brain-based solutions to support their therapeutic or educational interventions and overall health and wellness.

Mandy is a specialist in developing resources, training, and coaching for an international network of providers who use The Listening Program in hospitals, schools, clinics, private practices, and homes. When she's not improving lives through music, she spends her free time with her husband, three sons, family and friends. Even with all that and being a dedicated homeschool mom, you will find her up before the sun rises reading, meditating, writing, and working out.

In this episode, Mandy tells us about her start in the music listening therapy field, what The Listening Program is and how it works. We discuss the bone conduction technology they use and talk about how it has helped people all over the world. Be sure to watch our video to learn more about Advanced Brain Technology and if The Listening Program might help improve your life or the life of someone you know.

And tune in for her next episode that goes into detail about how to successfully use The Listening Program. Stay tuned, stay happy and stay kind.

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